May 15 Strategic Growth Workshops

09:30-11:30 & 13:00-15:00

Interactive workshops based on current key strategic challenges and experiences of participants led by a facilitator. Each workshop has a duration of 2 hours and up to 13 entrepreneurs attending including a maximum of 5 participants via videolink in each session. Some workshops will first start off with a case study presented by an entrepreneur concerning the main topic, followed by discussions on the other participants’ challenges.  

As a participant, you will attend 2 workshop sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon; the allocation will be based on your preferences, your previous experiences and network, as well as, the allocations of other participants. At a later stage, therefore Founders Alliance will set workshops either in the morning- or afternoon session. Accordingly, Founders Alliance will decide your allocation in case you do not select your 3 preferred workshops.  

Address: Strandvägen 7, 114 56 Stockholm


David Batstone
Founder, Just Business (USA)

Social Entrepreneurship

This workshop will first start off with an introduction by David Batstone on his key learnings creating social impact by entrepreneurship followed by an interactive workshop based on all participants’ challenges & goals. Discussions around each participant’s challenges and goals. 

Example of topics and challenges expressed by participants: 

  • Engaging in social causes and measuring impact
  • Balance & value between or with commercial core company and social impact
  • Our world, the role of entrepreneurs and me 

Maximum number of participants: 13 incl. max 5 participants via videolink 

Facilitator & Introductory Speaker: David Batstone, Founder Just Business, Not For Sale Campaign, Rebbl, Z Shoes Organic and Professor of Entrepreneurship at San Francisco University.  

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George Brontén
Founder, Membrain & Upstream (Sweden)

B2B Sales Effectiveness

How to increase B2B sales effectiveness & grow faster? Challenges, ideas, and best practices in sales execution to achieve consistent business-to-business sales growth.

Founders Alliance International founding member and award-winning sales blogger George Brontén will kick off this session with some statistics and ideas from the world of B2B sales and facilitate this workshop around the participants’ challenges.

Example of topics:

  • Problems with B2B sales, at different layers
  • Is it possible to "bottle best behaviors"
  • Sales enablement technology at different layers

Participant scope:  B2B company entrepreneurs and owners 

Maximum number of participants: 13 incl. max 5 via video link

Facilitator & Introductory speaker:
  George Brontén, Founder, Membrain & Upstream

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Aticka Chona
Founder & CEO, GreenKarma, Founding Member & MD India, Six Year Plan AB (India)

Driving the shift towards Sustainable Business development in India

This workshop will first start off with a short introductory presentation by each participant and the facilitators concerning the main topic, followed by discussions focusing on insights and input to the participants’ challenges.  

Example of topics and challenges:

- Your plan accelerated - hands-on input on establishment, partnering, selling to or from India including key relationships, praxis and sharing of experiences

- What are the key learnings of sustainable success cases in India

- What are the opportunities of Indian entrepreneurs growing internationally.

- What are the key investment opportunities in India?

- What are the key cultural insights between Indians and rest of the world?

Participant scope: All entrepreneurs planning to further expand & invest to and from India

Maximum number of participants: 13 incl. max 5 participants via videolink

Facilitators: Aticka Chona, Founder & CEO - GreenKarma, Founding Member and MD, India, Six Year Plan AB and Robin Sukhia, Secretary General & President Sweden-India Business Council and Co-founder Madira gift bags

More background information:

India is the world's largest democracy

The International Monetary Fund's (IMF) World Economic Outlook Update released at Davos February 2019 said that India's economy is expected to grow by 7.5 per cent in the 2019-20 fiscal year, keeping an upward trajectory. India will continue to be the world's fastest growing major economy, the report said.

There is an improving investment climate in India

India’s ranking on Ease of doing business has improved 65 places from 142nd in 2014 to 77th in 2018, a record for a major economy. This has happened following a number of large reforms aimed at improving investor friendliness and improving the country’s overall business.

Fifty-eight Indian companies were featured on the 2018 Forbes ‘Global 2000’ list of the world’s largest most powerful, and valuable publicly listed companies. Forbes uses a mix of four metrics to create its list—sales, profits, assets and market value.India ranks among the top 10 host economies for FDI, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) 2018 World Investment Report. In 2018, India saw more than $38 billion of inbound deals. For the first time in two decades, India has been getting more foreign investment than its neighbour China, which has historically been the favourite emerging market. 

The overall growth of FDI in India is thanks to its many assets, especially its high degree of specialisation in services, with a skilled, English-speaking and inexpensive labour force and a potential market of one billion inhabitants. In January 2018, the Indian government approved a number of major amendments aiming to further liberalise and simplify the national FDI policy.

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Angel Lorente
Founder, FinTech Connector (USA)

Growth of the Fintech Revolution incl. Blockchain

This workshop starts with an introduction on fintech and dives into key learning on how to build and use latest fintech solutions to manage, develop global companies and trends that work. It is an interactive workshop based on the participants’ own business opportunities and concerns.

Example of strategic topics of this workshop:

  • How to use the best Fintech tools and strategies to build world class growth firms
  • How to hyperscale my Fintech company for sustainable profitable growth globally
  • How to invest successfully and scale portfolio companies in the Fintech sector.

Participant scope: Entrepreneurs operating, owning, investing in FinTech companies and entrepreneurs in other sectors using or having interest in FinTech 

Maximum number of participants: 13 incl. max 5 participants via videolink

Facilitator & Introductory speaker: Angel Lorente, Founder, FinTech Connector  (New York)

More background information:  FinTech Connector is the exclusive online and “real-world” membership community that brings together and meaningfully connects Fintech entrepreneurs and start-ups (the “Innovators”) with thought-leaders, subject matter experts, professionals, technologists, and investors (the “Enablers”) by providing the online platform and real world resources to connect members, collaborate on Fintech ideas, and cultivate those ideas into financial services innovation that will benefit people around the world. Start your fintech journey today.

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Lari Raitavuo
Modern Board of Directors design for global growth (Finland)

Board design for Global Growth

This workshop will first start off with introductory presentations by the board experts Reetta Keränen and Tero Luoma and followed by a facilitated by Lari Raitavuo discussion focusing on insights and input to the participants’ challenges. 

Example of topics and challenges: 

  • Efficient board work
  • Design of board teams 

    Participation scope: All entrepreneurs and owners in all sectors wanting to develop the board forum to support company growth

    Maximum number of participants: 13 incl. max 5 participants via videolink

    Introductory speakers and experts:  Reetta Keränen, Business Designer & Co-Founder, Joiku of Life Ltd, Sivupersoona Ltd & Kolmas Persoona Ltd. and Tero Luoma, and  Tero Luoma, Investment Director & Partner, Taaleri Private Equity Funds Ltd

    Facilitator: Lari Raitavou, Founder & Partner, Helsinking, Owner, Board Member, HELT Oy & Erimover Oy, Owner, Trainer4You, Chair Family Owners Council, Ensto Oy, CEO, Future Board Finland & Boardman Grow Finland, International Member, Founders Alliance

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    David Arnoux
    Co-founder, Head of Growth, Public Speaker, Growth Tribe (Netherlands)

    Growth Marketing & Growth Hacking

    This workshop will  focus hands-on creation of participants  growth marketing needs supported by the wealth of experience and tools led by David Arnoux via video link and facilitated by Peter Ingman. 

    Example of topics and challenges in this workshop:

    • How to implement a growth team?
    • How will you be able to work in a structured manner?
    • What is your one metric that matters?
    • How can you make sure to get operative with your innovation strategy in place?

    Participant scope: All sectors and stages of entrepreneurial companies

    Maximum number of participants: 13 incl. max 5 participants via videolink

    Growth hacking expert and introductory speaker: David Arnoux, Founder, Growth Tribe via videolink (The Netherlands)

    Facilitator: Peter Ingman, Founder, MyNewsdesk, 2B Published, Co-founder & Manager Growth Tribe Scandinavia and Investor in multiple Tech Startups, Founding International Member, Founders Alliance 

    More background information: Growth Tribe, launched in 2015, is redefining education through continuous curriculum deployment to deliver highly-practical fast-paced learning experiences empowering people and companies to rapidly gain skills in a fast-changing world such as  “Data-driven growth marketing”, “A.I. without code” and "Blockchain for Business"​. Since the start Growth Tribe has trained 6768+ people for 800+ corporates, SMBs, startups, and freelancers in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki. Courses are rated on average 9,3/10. Their Growth Hacking Academy is backed by Universities of Amsterdam, StartupAmsterdam and Facebook. The company consist today of 76 people and grew with no outside investments.

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