May 14 Company Visits

13:00 - 17:00

Visits to 2 selected companies in Stockholm. This years company visits are: Climeon and Bonzun.

Company Visits

Joachim Karthäuser
Company visit Climeon Headquarter & Interactive Workshop

Climate Entrepreneurship

Joachim Karthäuser is a serial entrepreneur and has a background in climate science / physical chemistry. He is co-founder & CTO of Climeon, an climate company investor and book author.

At this visit you will get an insight into the company creation of Climeon & the Entrepreneur World Perspective on Climate Change. It will start with a view of the Climeon Headquarter, an overview presentation by Joachim Karthäuser on Climate Change, the energy business & Climeon, to stimulate an interactive exchange between participating entrepreneurs.

Cimeon company website 

e-book “Energy transition – profitable and sustainable”, by Joachim Karthäuser and Thomas Öström

Location: Climeon HQ, Torshamnsgatan 44, 164 40 Kista, Stockholm North (Map link)  

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Bonnie Roupé
Company visit Bonzun Headquarter & Interactive Workshop

eHealth Entrepreneurship

Bonzun was listed as Chinas top mobile internet startup 2015, now with 2 million users around the globe. The founder Bonnie Roupé  is a serial entrepreneur, worked in internet and mobile for over 20 years and built a sports media company in Sweden to 20% market share and exited after four years.  She used her exit money to fund the start of Bonzun in China 2012, with the mission to lower the world’s maternal mortality rate. She was recently ranked as Sweden’s 12 most powerful female entreprenurs by Veckans affärer and nominated Female Founder of the year by Dagens Industri. 

At this company visit you will get insights into the company creation of Bonzun, and the entrepreneur perspective of starting in China as well as the scale-up tech scene and global digital health.

It will start with a view of Bonzun HQ, an overview presentation by Bonnie Roupé on global health & China tech to stimulate an interactive exchange between participating entrepreneurs. 

Bonzun company website

Location: Birger Jarlsgatan 18, 114 34 Stockholm (Map link)

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