The Entrepreneurs World Summit is the annual culmination of Founders Alliance global network including over 200 founders headquarted in 15 countries. The core of the network is headed by Founders Aliance International Members. 

Participants represents for instance the following business sectors: Climate, Software, Health Care, Financial Technology, Consumer Goods, Consulting, Human Resources, Pharma, Industrial goods, FoodTech and in Social Impact.  See criterias for participation below. 

    Example of participants at the  Entrepreneurs World Summit 2019 include the following founders and owners (HQ): Magnus Nilsson - iZettle (Sweden), Aticka Chona - GreenKarma (India), David Batstone - Just Business (USA),  Monica Hedberg - Monica Hedberg Invest (Sweden), Lars-Michaël Paqvalén - Trä Group (Finland), Alireza Omidfar - Green Resources Technologies (Hong Kong & Iran), Bonnie Roupé - Bonzun (Sweden/China),  Mikael Kretz - QGroup (Sweden),  Johanna Wollert Melin - Trice Imaging (USA), Fredrik Wester - Paradox Interactive (Sweden), Joachim Karthäuser - Climeon (Sweden),  Björn Öste - Oatly (Sweden), GoodIdea (USA), Christian Ihre - Lynxeye (Sweden),  Christopher Engman - Proof Analytics (USA),  George Brontén - Upstream/Membrain (Sweden), Greger Hagelin - Utopia Music (Switzerland), Helena Casserlöv Kvist - Meritmind (Sweden), Jason Chiu - Cherry Picks (Hong Kong), Johan Frisk - OpiFlex  (Sweden), Johan Ihrfelt - OX2 Group (Sweden),  Lari Raitavuo - Ensto (Finland),  Marcus Skinnar - Edurus (Sweden), Marko Heino - Fremme (Finland), Markus Kullendorff - Benify (Sweden), Oliver Lagerström - MFEX Mutual Funds Exchange (Sweden), Patric Palm - Favro (Sweden), Peter Ingman - 2BPublished, Rickard Zetterberg - S-Group (Sweden), Rickard Virta - Framtidmedia/Aquadental, Staffan Hillberg - WoodHill (Sweden), Åke Lundén - Founders Friends Fund (Sweden),  Angel Lorente - FinTech Connector (USA).

    Criterias for Participants

    Entrepreneurs who already operate international businesses or have confirmed plans to internationalize in the near future. Each entrepreneur must meet one of the following criteria based on present or previous merits:

    • Main owner with a leading position in the current founded company with at least 100 million SEK in turnover (approx. 15 million USD), and international presence or plan to internationalize.
    • At least two holdings as an investor and at least one company with international representation and a turnover exceeding 15 million USD.
    • Exceptions to the above criteria in exceptional cases when the participant can bring great value to the other participating entrepreneurs; i.e. contributor, entrepreneur from a prioritized region, industry or background.

    Participation fee

    The Entrepreneurs World Summit is solely financed by the entrepreneurs who participate. There are no non-entrepreneur sponsors. We also stimulate early decisions for greater value in the build up of the summit.  The fee for particiants 2019 is 3700 USD excl. VAT, travel- & hotel expenses. For Founders Alliance International Members the summit is included.

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